a short road to thirty; week twenty six

so far the future is bright. i am really looking forward to the move now that we have put down a deposit. our new loft, which we have decided to call our rainbow treehouse, is perfect for us. we can’t wait to start moving in, we have some weeks still so we are trying to pace ourselves. the lease hasn’t been signed yet, so we are looking at one more trip, at least before we get to take stuff up. i am so awkward looking at apartments.  i always forget the details as soon as we leave. i can’t remember what the stove looks like, or the bathroom sink. i FORGOT to take photos. i couldn’t believe it. still can’t!

into the future we go.

(and the sunshine is nice too.)


One thought on “a short road to thirty; week twenty six

  1. It’s not just you, everyone does that when they are excited and overwhelmed. Think of it as an extra surprise when you go there next. When we bought this place I had NO idea what the neighborhood looked like or where the mailbox was…. It’s makes it exciting to find out the small details. I can’t wait to see the cats scratching the beams and to explore Mass with you two.

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