a short road to thirty:: week twenty five

i am a few weeks behind on posting my portraits. i have been shooting, but not as enthusiastically as when i started, something i expected to occur around this point in the journey. i’ve kept it up though and i am glad. i’m jumping right into week twenty five (weeks three and four can be found here).

the weight of change is upon us and i feel it every moment. being so ready and so nervous is wearing me out and we have only just begun. this portrait is particularly sweet for me, the hat i am wearing i found while digging out and packing up one of our closets. M wore this hat maybe everyday when we were first dating and upon finding it i was overtaken by love. we have come a long way and our journey together is flourishing more than ever now we prepare for the next step in our hopefully long life together.

i am blessed. i am thankful. i am loved.


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