in the *NOW* summercamp

Camp Antics;

LinaRae becoming a movie star

Keira, Esme, & C.C. make me an apron w/ pocket!

Noe makes me a little tote for my book.

50 kids in a dark, dark museum exhibit in NYC = insanity!

Ophelia “Oh! it’s no big deal” (blood streaming down leg)

A trip, w/ 50+ kids to the Botanic Gardens on the HOTTEST day of the summer!

Making drawstring shorts for Greta in about 2 mins.

Being hosed down by the grounds worker at prospect park.

Making paper airplane mobiles, pom poms, fortune tellers, and friendship bracelets galore!

Hula Hoop Olympics. 

Making up rules for checkers. Flying Checkers is way more fun.

Teaching little boys to knit.

Sharks and Minnows is the most dangerous game… kid collisions, ice packs, band-aids. 

Water balloons shared with the babies on the playground.

Chats about dream jobs, colleges, and ice cream.

Kiera and Nora designing their mansion dream home with husband Johnny Depp.

Playing the geography game.

Making Silk Kites & Woven Ribbon Windsocks. Making Tents!!

Walking 18 6, 7, 8 year olds through Park Slope in the Pouring Rain!!

Watching the crazy summer storm cover the city from the 5th floor classroom.

800 picture slide show at the end of the week…

Needle Charts and Sewing machine sign up sheets.

Union Markets pickles and iced coffee… a new daily staple.


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