c h e r i s h the little ones.

sasha, age 8 & gaang, age 8

there’s a sweet moment in every day.

i get frustrated and overwhelmed with so many voices demanding my attention and my hands (of which I only have two)

it is for moments like this;

i thought they wouldn’t be into my project idea. i was worried i wouldn’t be able to command their attention. i was afraid   nothing would get finished and parents would be disappointed at mediocre results.

they blew my mind. they’re makings are turing out better than i had hoped. so personalized and enjoyed! yay!

and the icing on the cake. my most talented student presented me with this as a thank you…

sasha, age 8

i really don’t understand people who do not like children. i think this issue must be an inner demon of sorts because children test your will and present the reminder that life is sweet, beautiful, purposeful


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