today’s image came from after school yesterday. The kids, as a side project are making these rugs, from scrap material using a weaving technique. It isn’t very rug like just yet, but it will get there. I chose this for a daily image because I  just couldn’t stop looking at them (there are 4 in the works). Something about the circular, colorful, cushioned piece just kept calling out to me. Maybe it is just my crazy brain that thinks so, but in there somewhere I feel like I am being lulled to a fireside, on a chilly day in the woods, by a river. I want to shrink up and  curl up into the folds and begin a long peaceful hibernation. Waking up not only to the bright spring sunshine but to a next phase of life. After all life is just one big cycle; cyclical and often dizzying, but in it’s own subtle way quite beautiful.


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