a delightful week of birthday

Birthday week continues. Today we head to the Museum of Natural History. Big Dinosaurs, pictures to come.

We have also spent a rainy day in the park. Strolled through a PRIDE event and enjoyed some fried delights. Due to the rain we made an impromptu stop at the movies for and X-men screening that had us both walking away feeling stronger and maybe a bit tipsy! Excellent movie, can’t wait to buy it for the collection!



Our dear friend and neighbor hosted a BBQ (and she can COOK!) An epic cast of invitees and the right amount of Gin made for a perfect birthday celebration, even the sun was shining bright for us.

Last night was dinner at the Kushner/Saltonstall loft. Another delicious and nutritious meal in honor of the loved Mylo. Quinoa Salad, Kale, Chicken Curry and Caprese Salad and for dessert… a jello,cream,mango,berry explosion! There were stories of youth and birth, laughter and shoulder rubs and of course gifts. A lovely evening indeed. 

Happy Birthday June Babies. 


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