28 and 26, Welcome

as the world turns another birthday approaches. I will be 28 on the 11th. The plan is to spend the whole day in the park, Brooklyn Pride is upon us and on my actual day of birth. This 27th year proved to be a good one in memory. I am not exactly where I thought I would be when I imagined myself at 28 many years ago, but I am definitely happy in the place that I find myself as my 28th birthday rolls in. I spent much of this year making plans for a new stage of life. A more adult, but still simple, imaginative life. Plans for family are moving in from the horizon and a calling to the country, a place to set up home amongst the trees and open skies is drawing us in.

I’ve also dealt with some unpleasantries. My health isn’t what is used to be, I have had to deal with some food restrictions, which is not something I handle well, I like food. A lot! Positively however, Mylo and I are paying closer attention to what we eat and the need for a new diet has made us feel lighter, healthier. Our CSA starts up in a week, which is exciting, lots of veggies coming in with a side of eggs.  We are so ready for it too. Our diet is vegtastic. This new diet means, I won’t be making anymore “family recipe” scones. So, if you know a nice gluten free scone recipe let me know!

Mylo also has a birthday around the bend. On the 14th my love turns 26. Mylo is truly one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Honest and kind, compassionate, loving and true. A character that grows stronger with each breath and a mind that is buzzing with thoughts, ideas and opinions regarding the world we live in. A spiritual inner being, with magical calming abilities (if you’ve not had a hug from Mylo, try and get one, you won’t be sorry). Our journey together has just begun and when I day dream about our future together I am filled with hope, and happiness. I am the lucky one, to be loved by someone so unique and so brilliant, such a wonderful gift.

Happy Birthday Mylo! I love you so!

And now to leave you I put together a little slide show of the last year in the life. Considering I am usually the one behind the lens most of the pictures are of Mylo (sorry mom), but there are a few gems in there with the camera held at arms length. I hope you enjoy. Cheers to another great year of living!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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