March Eats!

Here we have a weekly favorite at our house. Something delicious and pickled, cheesy or buttery, veggie or meaty open face on a crispy bread toasted to perfection. This is left over brisket (see below) with melted cheddar topped with home-made sauerkraut and pickled shallots. Mylo gets credit for the kraut, Clair for the shallots.

That’s Lunch!

This is another lunch time regular. Vegetable gyoza, thank you trader joe’s, with Mylos

Kimchi on a bed of kale and of course a tiny pool of sweet chili sauce. I made this round and I must say that those little babies crisped up perfectly!

Amuse Bouche!

Yes Mylo made stuffed mushrooms. We’ve been on a bit of a mushroom kick lately. I can’t remember what he put in these. I’ll get back to you soon….

okay… they have chorizo and green peppers


We love a good chunk of meat in this house!


STIR FRY!! anything goes for stir fry. This one got saucy. It’s pretty basic, some spicy italian sausage, green bell pepper, and onions, red and yellow, a little tomato sauce and Mylo the spice master and TA DA! best stir fry of the month! We ended up putting it over some toasted multigrain bread. So good!

Enchilada Love! I had a sudden craving for enchiladas, so I made some and they were so good we have made them twice since. This picture is of the second batch, made by Mylo. I love when he fancies up the food. The first batch was supposed to be turkey, with black olives and black beans, with a three cheese blend; jack, cheddar, and mozz. Turned out a bit differently. I forgot the turkey in the fridge at work and forgot to add the olives, so it turned out being just a basic bean and cheese enchilada, and it was incredibly appetizing for its simplicity.

This is a dish that I hadn’t had before. It was super easy to put together and it was really really flavorful because of Mylos secret ingredient. We have Arugula tossed with whole wheat spaghetti, organic sweet peas, capers, and pancetta. It was sprinkled with salt and fresh ground rainbow pepper, drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice and drum roll please………. oil from the smoked oysters. Another personal food obsession that I have now brought Mylo in on. Smoked oysters are a great source of iron and protein, two things I am often deficient in. My family always had smoked oysters as an appetizer on holidays, it was one of the things I most looked forward to, and the cocktail shrimp. When I moved out on my own I realized I could eat them whenever I want, and I have been! If you’ve never tried them, do!

And Finally!

What would a month of eats be without some Kombucha?

Mylos buch this month took on a new hue when he used raspberry zinger tea. This is a batch I can get into, it tastes like candy. It turned out an awesome hot pink color and looks awesome in the bottles I bought Mylo for storage. I should have pictures of those, duh…coming soon!

One last thing before I go. Our dear friend Alea has started a blog that is really worth checking out. You’ll learn some things definitely worth knowing! Click below for the goodness!

Sprouting Health


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