February Eats

I am so excited about the favorite eats from this month that I am posting a bit early.

We had one holiday this month, sort of, Valentines Day. I surprised my love with dinner of steak and shrimp kabobs with kale salad, asparagus and garlic bread.

I think I make scones once a month at least. This month I made cherry almond scones. I used almond meal that gave the scones a nice crumble, however, almond meal is much more absorbent than flour so I had to had extra milk to balance out the texture. But the final outcome brought in rave reviews from my family and friends.

For the last few months Mylo has been talking lasagna! And February is the month of creation. He made an amazing veggies lasagna; eggplant, zucchini, spinach, with creamy garlic mushroom sauce al la Mlyo (he is a sauce master).           It was superb!

Sometimes, due to our high intake of veggies, we tend to accidently eat meals of mostly the same color. This meal was a green one; Artichokes, Pesto Chicken, Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Kale.



We added carrots at the last min. for color variation and when there is artichoke on the plate, garlic aioli mustard is not far behind.We got to share this green-tastic meal with our good buddy Alea who often brings us yummy gluten free treats when she comes to visit.




For lunches, when we are home together Mylo and I like to make crudites platters to nibble on as we enjoy our afternoons at home. They vary drastically based on what we have 0n hand. There is  almost always something pickled.

On theme with  pickling we have Mylo and the Kim Chi. He also makes Kombucha on a regular basis which I love about him.

Another wonderful sunny afternoon together, me making a paper mache dollhouse and Mylo working on his application to grad school. Music was playing and the sunshine was pouring in as we ate; Papaya and Pear, Bacon cooked to crispy perfection, and 7 grain bread with cream cheese and ginger spread. Mylo had loose leaf Yerba Mate (hence the metal straw) and I was drinking honey chai black tea with a splash of milk.

There was a day last week, I was watching That 70’s Show, and suddenly I had to make….

BROWNIES with chocolate chips, walnuts, and slivered almonds. YUM!!

and that’s February Eats!


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