a technical dilemma

So, I have an ongoing battle that occurs in my creative mind. It is the battle between analog photography and the future of photography, or should I say present. I have been a very strong advocate for film for the 10 odd years I have been enjoying life behind the lens. It is the platform for which my true love affair with photography began. The hard to get, come hither, love hate relationship that ebbs and flows like the tides with that magical, intoxicating thing we call light. That which makes it all possible. So when I think about photography, I’m in a passionate place, and it’s a passion that has grown ever stronger over the years. When digital photography hit the scene, and with a vengeance, I was still in my honeymoon stage with photography, still a student, still discovering all the potentials of film and light relations. I wanted nothing to do with digital images of any kind. Now, the game has changed. I still hold great passion and admiration for my analog cameras and images, I still shoot with my canon A-1 and my Olympus OM regularly, but the images rarely become prints, they go from film to disk, to computer, and for the few that survive the harsh editing process, the world-wide web. I also do a great deal of shooting with my digital SLR, our relationship is nothing like that of the two camera mentioned before, but we co-exist and I have been able to create some pretty great images with the clumsy DSLR, though some of the thrill is lost. I face yet another dilemma in the world of image, light capturing. I, have and iPhone. And though I have to take a deep breath before even typing this…. I love it! and all the screen junky apps I can play with. Most of which are, you guessed it, photography based. And I enjoy the hand-held, digital experience in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible back in  my days as a love struck photography student. But, here I am years later about to post images, both captured with and edited with my iPhone and index finger. I hope this wordy post doesn’t take away from the imagery, but  I felt it had to be said. I enjoy digital photography, sure, but my passion lies in the old ways, analog photography lives on.



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