summer tidbits

bugs, frogs, berries, trees, and building fires

as much as i love the city life,

my heart is in the woods.

this is where i want to stand when two become one,

this is the gateway to my dreams.

she lived, and thrived and eventually died here in Brooklyn

…and this one bear,

i love.


2 thoughts on “summer tidbits

  1. HEY DAN! It’s AIMS!

    Just had to get those two out, OKAY 
    How are you? I’m really enjoying your blog- your photos, writing and all! Thank you for sharing them with the world. Erica passed the link on to me, thankfully so.
    Do you ever come back to the Bay? If so, when?
    If and when I get out to NY I surely must see you!!
    Love you and be well,

  2. AIMS! how great to hear from you. I’m glad you like my work. Life is terrific on the East side and i’m loving life. I don’t get to the bay as often as I would like, but the next time i’m there you, erica and I must get together. I love that you two are such good buddies now. Thinking about the two of you hanging out makes me a bit home sick.
    How is life with you? If you ever do make it to NY you have a place to stay in Brooklyn, always. take care sweets!
    xoxo d.

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